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[GM] Application :D Weeee

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1 [GM] Application :D Weeee on Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:43 am

1. Real Name :
•Muhammad Mu'az Ahmad Kamal
2. Age :
•16 Years Old
3. Timezone :
•GMT +8 , Singapore
4. When You Started To Play Dekaron :
•When I'm 13 years old.Thx to my brother because download dekaron sea, first
 time I played it , I fell fun.Thats why I play it until now .Razz

5. How Much Time U Will Be Online In-Game :
•Monday  - Friday   = 5-7 Hours.
•Saturday - Sunday = More than 10 Hours.

6. How Much Time U Will Be Online In-Forum :
•When I online In game , I also online at forum.
7. Why You Think You Is A Good Person For This Position
•Because I'm a hardworking boy , I also wanna get a lot of experience to hold
 Game Master Position, I never been Game Master yet , only Moderator.So , thats why i wanna take  
 position as Game Master .

8. Ur Skype :
•I can't use skype because there is got some problem with my personal
 computer.but, later i'll will copy my bro skype from his laptop to mine computer . Now, if got any  
 new/ problem . Just pm me ur fb email Razz

9. For What Position U Are Applying :
•I will applying position as Game Master.
10. If A Player Is Angry and Insult Others Play And Staff What U Do :
•If some player is angry and insult other player , I will kill him with my alt - char
 xD. And if he/she insult any staff , I will jailed it .

11. Ask About U :
• Im a friendly person. I also love to help people. If i make a mistake, i accept it
 with open hearts. I also dont like to break a rule.At school , I study Malay And Indonesian  
 language. Malay language is same like Indonesian . But , Indonesian is weirds.

Thanks For Spending Your Time To Read My Application

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2 Re: [GM] Application :D Weeee on Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:46 pm


-1 If U As [GM] U Cant Kill If He Insult Whit Ur Alt

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3 Re: [GM] Application :D Weeee on Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:48 am

Incar, do u know what i mean ?

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